BARISTA Coffee Training

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Bringing our coffee expertise to NSW, VIC, and QLD

Furnished with state of the art equipment, we have three incredible Training Centres in Sydney, Melbourne, and Queensland. Set up to create a hub to inspire and nurture your knowledge, our professional courses are suitable whether you work in the hospitability industry or want to make a coffee at home like an expert.

We train on the latest commercial La Marzocco Espresso Machines and Mazzer Coffee Grinders.

With many years of experience, our baristas trainers, will carefully guide you through each course ensuring you leave having mastered your espresso making skills.

Each course includes a certificate of completion.

barista basics

Coffee barista training will focus on fundamentals and proper espresso preparation techniques. Suitable for beginners as well ensuring more experienced baristas get the opportunity to improve their skills. 

Also covering techniques in brewing variables, milk steaming, texturing and pouring,

 this easy to learn workshop will not only be educational but will give the student plenty of opportunity to taste and understand what makes a good espresso.

The final aspect of the Coffee Barista Basics training is the cleaning and maintaining of the espresso equipment.

The Barista Basics class takes 2.5 – 3 hours and covers:

  • Introduction to the different types of coffees and beverages.
  • How to use traditional mechanical dosing grinder.
  • Dose adjustment.
  • Grind setting.
  • Correct way of tamping to avoid wrist injury.
  • How to identify and control coffee extraction.
  • Milk techniques and way of positioning steam wand to get the perfect silky milk.
  • Pouring techniques and basic latte art.
  • Hygiene, health and safety.

Latte art

You’ve got the Barista Basics down pat and you want to produce beautiful latte art.  It’s now time to start using that silky textured milk and begin impressing your café customers or your family and friends at home.

We will teach you how to pour the perfect patterns to finish the ultimate experience in coffee.

 With a trained latte art expert, we will guide you step by step through the fundamentals for forming several latte art free pour patterns including rosettas, hearts and tulips.

There will be plenty of time to practice techniques, so you leave the workshop having polished your latte art skills.

The Latte Art class takes 2.5 – 3 hours and covers:

  • How to consistently steam milk at the right temperature, obtaining the right consistency and texture.
  • How to split milk and free pour latte art.
  • How to keep that golden coffee base while pouring.
  • Ability to pour different patterns from simple to complicated ones (hearts, rosetta, tulip, swan, etc.)

barista MASTER class

This class is for baristas that want to take the next step. The Barista Master class takes 2.5 – 3 hours and covers advanced techniques:

  • How to control flow rate & the evenness of extraction.
  • How to assess extraction to determine if the espresso is well balanced.
  • How to change coffee characteristics of the espresso.
  • Ability to create Espresso Brewing Formulas.
  • Measuring extraction (the concentration of dissolved solids) with the TDS Meter.

alternate brewing

The love for making coffee has attracted thousands if not millions of people across the globe. Coffee enthusiasts today are making bold steps in learning how to brew coffee manually, i.e. brewing coffee without an espresso machine, thus allowing full control over the brewing process.

In our Alternative Brewing workshop, we focus on Filter Brewing and Cold Coffee and learn how to work with a variety of brewing devices and methods to get the best flavour from coffee.

The Alternate Brewing class takes 2.5 – 3 hours and covers:

  • The essential aspects of brewing (brew ratio, the quality of water, grinding, time, temperature, turbulence)
  • Different brew methods: Immersion (French Press), Percolation (pour over V60, Chemex), Gravity (Cold drip), Pressure (Aeropress), etc.