Throwing away your coffee grounds? Not so fast.

Beyond coffee’s ability to alert sleepy brainstem at 7 in the morning, it has a life outside the bean, too. Do you know that coffee grounds have surprisingly wonderful uses? Well, never underestimate the power of leftovers of your well-deserved coffee luxury. How about these: use it to guard away cats from your garden and treat your frizzy hair and saggy eye bags. Loving it? Check out more brilliant ways to use coffee grounds before you would want to throw it away today.

Flea-guard for your pets.

Fleas are external parasites that usually attack pets when the weather starts to get warm. If your adorable cat or dog happen to have these, coffee grounds can do the rescue. Just simply add the grounds to your pet’s shampoo and scrub it carefully to his body.

Instant air freshener.

Did you forget to grab an air freshener from the mall? And your car stinks from the smell of cigar? Try an easy way to shoot the odor away through customizing your own freshener. Get a pair of stocking and fill it with dried up coffee grounds, tie it, and place on the desired area. Voila! You can enjoy a fresh atmosphere in your car or at your home when all you did was just fill a stocking with coffee grounds.

Furniture-scratch cover.

Are you worried of the minor scratches in your latest furniture at home? Or are you having a hard time to hide evidences of a worn-out table? Simply add water to coffee grounds for an instant paste and use cotton swabs to apply it on the scratched area. Instantly, you can fix your furniture in a brush. You can hide all your furniture’s imperfections. See? Repairing your furniture can come as fast as brewing a cup of tea.

Coffee painting.

If you want to ignite creativity in your kids without spending too much, just make a cup of Joe and utilize the grounds to create an excellent art with coffee painting. All you need to do is just reuse your coffee grounds, get your canvass, and then start a painting session at home. What a perfect non-toxic bonding!

Refrigerator deodorizer.

Stop worrying of the unpleasant odor from spoiled foods after yesterday’s party. Aside from baking soda, another quick way to deodorize your fridge is yes, coffee grounds. Place a bowl of grounds inside your refrigerator and let it emit all the odors trapped inside your food jungle.


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Used coffee grounds can be reused in many creative ways

Shoe deodorizer.

If you have a big problem with odors on your shoes, fix it instantly after brewing your cup of coffee. Pour the dried grounds inside your shoes and let it sleep overnight. The grounds will absorb the odor and make your shoes cleaner and more comfortable to wear.

Hand odor neutralizer.

If you have been busy doing kitchen works all day, your hands are soaked with different odors from too much chopping spices and mixing ingredients. Water and hand soap are sure not enough to remove the stain away. Luckily, mixing coffee grounds with water can remove the odor and soothe your hands as if they didn’t perform such a hard work.

Skin and hair exfoliant.

Use it to your face and hair and get an awesome result. The grounds exfoliate both your scalp and skin, leaving the areas smooth and soft. Natural remedies like coffee grounds can help prevent possible allergies from the extreme chemical content of some beauty care products.