Tracing back 10th century when coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia, it was just a simple plant that energized the goats. And then surprisingly decades after, it still has the power to amaze people. The magic remains unconquered generation after generation and continues to evolve from a simple black beverage to the sunshine for every soul.

But, how much do you know about coffee aside from its ability to fuel a drowsy day?

Well, if you are worried you might be having caffeine overdose, here’s a guide to help you enjoy more morning cups:

Coffee is perfect for any combination.

Unlike tea which is limited to a cinnamon or honey concoction, coffee complements with any add-ons that you would love for an experimentation. You mix it with egg, butter or vanilla, coffee still comes out as a wonderful pick-me-up beverage. Curious? Try these oddly tasteful coffee concoctions and discover other mix-ins you can add to your java cup.

Coffee serves as an ideal beverage of the day.

Whether a desire of memory boost or productivity at work, your cup of Joe can help you achieve any of this goal. For better memory performance, coffee is advisable after an important business meeting rather than during or before the course of the event. And as stimulant, coffee aids neurotransmitter to perform excellently, too.

Limits to 400mg consumption.

A significant 400mg caffeine (that’s roughly equivalent to 4 cups) is a fundamental amount of basis to consume. Beyond this may result to unfavorable body responses such as irritability, insomnia and jitters. Just take it slow, grasshopper.

Coffee works as mild anti-depressant.

In addition to what you know, coffee serves as a mild anti-depressant. Coffee drinkers are generally happier compared to those who are not. Why? Coffee has scientifically increase dopamine in the brain saving 20% of coffee lovers from depression.

Coffee will keeps you away from cardiovascular diseases.

Who doesn’t want to live a healthier life? The best part of your journey in living longer is that through a simple coffee cup, this goal gets nearly possible. A significant study from Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health shows that about 22% of women and 38% of men who consume coffee regularly can get lower risks or heart disease and stroke.

Your coffee might be hiding lots of health benefit, right? To know beyond its black beauty, find out more awesome coffee secrets here.

Coffee can fights tooth cavity.

According to a research study from Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, an American Chemistry publication, roasted coffee beans has antibacterial components that help fight the activities of negative bacteria in our teeth. It also prevent certain microorganisms that develops into cavities and adhesive properties that make coffee drinkers own a set of whiter teeth compared to the non-drinkers.

Coffee allows you to help over 25 million people.

Your satisfaction over your brewed coffee is nothing compared to the people behind the process of your amazing seed to cup experience. In over 50 coffee-producing countries, imagine the number of coffee farmers you help through a daily coffee consumption. Spread the love!

Coffee surely works for both drink and food.

Another amazing truth about coffee is that it can serve both your cup and plate. Yup, that’s an exciting one. Aside from the liquid transformation of coffee, you can also use it as an ingredient for cookie snack or a pancake breakfast. Want to know more of coffee cooking? Check this simple ways to create a coffee inspired meal.