Although coffee is popularly enjoyed in a steaming cup, a few of our coffee drinkers have found more delectable alternative ways to enjoy and get their daily caffeine fix. Coffee, which is known for its lively, robust and earthy taste, has become a favourite addition in the culinary world.   

In fact, it has earned the reputation of being one the “best-kept ingredients” by many of today’s world famous chefs.

It might have also been used by your grandmother as she prepared your favourite cookies and other scrumptious treats after a day of playing.

Create coffee meals

From sweet syrups for desserts to savoury marinades for a meaty meal, coffee is one versatile ingredient that is sure to liven up any dish that you would want to serve to your guests. Perfect for a simple snack for yourself or for a small gathering of your family over the weekend, these simple recipe tips will give you entirely different ways of how to use that extra ground in your pantry.

Liven up your morningby mixing coffee into your breakfast.

Besides sipping your usual cup of joe, another brilliant way you can get you daily caffeine fix is by mixing coffee into your own breakfast meals. A coffee-inspired breakfast is a great way for you to enhance the flavours of your breakfast every morning. Whether you are an avid coffee drinker or not, whipping a batch of coffee-flavoured pancakes or a classic combination of ham and coffee are two great ways to start your day.  

Keep your meaty meal tender by prepping it with coffee.

If you plan on putting together a tasty meal made from enticing beef short ribs or any kind of meat for that matter, add a bit of coffee when prepping it up. Not only does the coffee add additional flavour accents, it also tenderises the meat.

Most chefs would infuse their marinades with coffee to enhance the flavour of the meat. This is because coffee’s bittersweet taste gives out the meat’s unique flavours.

Add extra flavour to your marinade and sauces.

Coffee is bursting with flavour. Its innate flavour variety can be tasted in the way that coffee is brewed or roasted. This is one of the main reasons why coffee is an important ingredient used by chefs in creating marinades and sauces. The coffee not only gives a bittersweet depth to the sauce or marinade, but it also gives that smoky flavour especially when it comes to meat.

Another special property that coffee possesses is that once it caramelises it helps seal in the flavours, especially with meat. This makes an excellent secret ingredient when you plan on concocting your world-famous barbecue sauce.

Spice up your spice cabinet with coffee.

Another useful way you can store your extra ground coffee is by upgrading your kitchen’s spice cabinet. Coffee has flavour-enhancing properties which makes it an excellent addition to your spice cabinet. Most food aficionados and chefs would recommend mixing a bit of coffee with salt, herbs and spices and create a delectable spice rub for any meal.

One simple spice rub that you can make as an addition to your culinary arsenal is by mixing ground coffee, salt, and paprika together.

Delectable desserts come alive with coffee.

From the world-famous tiramisu to the enticing coffee cake, there is no doubt that coffee has become a widely used ingredient in making tasty desserts. Coffee is composed of various compounds and this includes sugar and lipids. These two important compounds are what gives coffee an individual innate flavour that is unique in each type.

Depending on the kind of strength you would want in your dessert, it is important to keep in check the amount of coffee you put in. Eliminate the risk of grittiness in your dessert by mixing ground coffee instead. A small amount will do in enhancing the dessert’s flavour.

Coffee’s flavourful characteristic is the main reason why it is one of the highly sought-after ingredients in the culinary world. Its ability to bring out food’s innate flavours makes it an excellent addition in a spice cabinet. Economical and delicious, even non-coffee drinkers swear by this amazing ingredient in the kitchen.