In this brewer, about 60g is used to brew roughly 600ml total volume. Grind is a normal drip grind.

We advise using a paper filter disk on top of the ground coffee to help even the distribution of water over the grounds. A cloth filter device is in the bottom of the coffee area.

  1. Fill up the upper chamber with as ice as you can. Remember, you can always stop the brew simply by adjusting the dripper mechanism.
  2. Add some water to “kick start” the brew. Not much – we fill the top globe about 1/3 of the way at the start.
  3. Adjust the dripper mechanism so it does about one drip per second. A brew in this device takes about 4 hours.
  4. The coffee’s been saturating for about 20 minutes by this point. The brew is finally starting to come down the curly spout at the bottom.
  5. The very concentrated coffee elixir is now flowing, slowly into the carafe.
  6. 3 hours in, and most of the ice is melted. Depending on the size of your cubes or how much has been brewed, you can add more ice cubes to the top vessel.
  7. The brew is nearing the end, with about 400ml brewed up to this point. About one more hour to go.
  8. Near the end of the brew, you can see how diluted the final drops are.

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