Art can be made from any materials in the world. This is greatly illustrated from several prominent artists who made headlines around the world by creating wonderful masterpieces with an entirely new paintbrush and easel. From the famed typewriter artist Paul Smith to flame artist Steven Spazuk, these unique artists have shown that art can be made even from the most ordinary objects.

Create Your Own Coffee Painting

One particular drink has also become another popular alternative for creating the most wonderful masterpiece ever seen. And although Coffee is known to be a popular perk me up a drink, it can also become a popular hobby that coffee drinkers can try.

So if you found yourself slacking a bit in your latte art, try your hand at painting using your cold coffee beans instead.

Do a simple research.

Before creating your very first brush stroke, it is important to familiarise yourself with the different painting techniques that you can use. Each technique features a different way of putting the image together through painting. This will serve as a guide on how you can maximise your strokes in making the shades fit well with your painting.

Choosing the right shades.

Painting with a coffee can be quite a challenge for some but most artists would find this monochromatic medium another excellent “paint” to use. Regular or instant coffee can be used when creating an image. Certain individuals would often prefer using regular coffee instead of instant coffee due to the variety of hues it gives.

The different hues are created through a specific coffee/water ratio. Depending on the kind of shade you want for your painting, a lighter shade can be achieved by adding more water to the mixture while less water will be added if you want a richer shade. Boiling some coffee in a saucepan for a couple of minutes until the mixture thickens out is one hack that will darken the shade of the coffee.

It is also important to note that if you are working on creating the lighter shades, do not over dilute the mixture with too much water. This will completely drench your paper and ruin it.

Prepping up your work desk.

Once the colour has been prepared, it’s time to prep up one’s working desk with the necessary materials needed for this art project. A good quality paper should come first. However, this is no ordinary paper. The paper that you plan on using should be thicker than the ordinary paper that can withstand a steady amount of coffee once it is painted on its surface.

The next items would be a pencil, a set of paintbrushes to help you with the various strokes that you will be making later and several small cups for excess coffee.

Creating the painting.

Different artists have different ways of creating their own masterpiece. If this is one’s first time in creating an art piece, create a rough outline of the image that you want to create by using your handy pencil. Once you are satisfied with your work, start filling in the parts with your own coffee paint. This part can be very tricky since the coffee paint has the same consistency as your watercolour paint.

Artists would recommend on working with the lighter shades first before the dark ones to get the feel of how the paint works.

Brush the coffee into the paper instead of briskly brushing it on the paper. This will create unpleasant air bubbles. Should you commit mistakes, the shade can be “erased” by adding a bit of water to the spot. To get the desired shade, add each colour of layer carefully on your outline. Wait for the first layer to dry off before adding the next layer of coffee paint onto the image.

Caring for your artwork.

Congratulate yourself on finishing your very first coffee artwork. Using coffee as a medium had often been described as using the equally famous watercolour paint. Carefully set the painting to dry. Do not expose it to sunlight as the heat could fade the colours away. Once done, you can frame it and show the world your new masterpiece.

Coffee painting proves to be an excellent alternative if you find yourself with extra coffee grounds. This recreational activity is a great way for one to discover another enjoyable activity one can do with their favourite brew