Every coffee lover knows how pleasurable the smell of freshly roasted coffee is. This is why it’s important to keep your coffee beans fresh for as long as possible. When you buy your favorite coffee bean pack, you’ll notice that the full flavor shows best when it’s roasted within a few days. Subsequently, the flavor starts to fade a little after a few weeks.


There are no substitutes when it comes to fresh beans, and you can’t keep coffee beans fresh for a really long time, but you can prolong the flavor a little through proper storage. Here are some tips on how you can properly store your coffee beans for optimum freshness.


What You Should Do

When it comes to coffee beans, the first thing you must keep in mind is that you have to eliminate the air movement for as much as possible. In addition to this, you also have to limit temperature variations and avoid exposure to light and heat altogether. Here are some ideal storage items you can use to accomplish these things.


Consider the packaging

The container that came with your coffee beans may or may not have the proper protection against oxygen’s effects or the escape of aroma. Beans that came in bags that have Kraft paper coating or those that don’t have a strong seal will result in the coffee becoming quickly stale. Bags need to have a one-way valve that allows for the initial release of CO2 while having a resealable feature. Keeping your beans in these types of bags is an effective way for them to be kept fresh.


Keep it tight in a lid jar

Putting your coffee beans in a jar is often a very effective thing to do to keep them fresh, as long as the lid is tight. The types of jars you can use for this include a sauce jar, a mason jar, or even a plastic bottle. This also makes for easier scooping than you would in a bag. Whatever storage you may choose to use, remember to keep temperatures stable by putting it out of direct light. A good choice to put it would be in your kitchen cabinet.


Avoid ineffective special storage products

There are many products for coffee storage these days, which include items that look really nifty and modern. Unfortunately, some of these would cause your beans to become stale even faster than providing actual storage efficiency. These types of products often have features such a vacuum for flushing out oxygen, when in reality it actually drives out the aroma and the oils, causing your coffee beans to lose their freshness. When it comes to storing your beans, best keep it simple and stick with durable items such as a jar.


Avoid the fridge

Cooling your coffee beans a little may be a good thing, but just keep in mind that fridges also contain a lot of moisture, causing humidity, which is not good for your beans. This is because every time you open your pack, the humidity will creep in, fading the flavors away. Instead, stick to the cupboard or the countertop, which will be cool enough for your coffee beans.


Using the freezer

Much argument has been made about whether or not freezers are good for your coffee beans. In truth, you should only consider putting your beans in the freezer if you are thinking of making it last longer than a month. For shorter periods, place them in room temperature. Also, if you decide to freeze, make sure you put your beans in an airtight container. Then, when you use your beans, allow them to cool down to room temperature while still sealed. After thawing, don’t put it in the freezer again.


Coffee beans in open air

In past eras, suppliers used to display their coffee beans in open-aired, big bins to attract customers to buy a few scoops. These days, this is usually a rare sight, as knowledge about keeping freshness and quality of beans took root. Still, this type of practice can still be seen in bulk order retailers or old coffee shops.

These days, leaving your coffee bag or container open is something you must avoid doing. Also, many coffee grinders have sizable containers that can hold a lot of beans. However, you must always put just the right amount of beans in your grinder, as leaving too many beans to grind later would cause them to become stale.

When it comes to keeping your coffee beans fresh, you should remember to keep them in an airtight place that is out of direct sunlight with a cool temperature. Be sure to grind them fresh with each brew and you’re guaranteed to enjoy your cup, especially when you’ve got your favorite Adore Coffee blend.