How long can your coffee beans stay fresh?

Coffee’s shelf life can last only in about 3-5 months and beyond that, it may lose its refined quality, aromatic scent and natural flavor. This may depend however on storage and preservation method.

Although you can choose to roast your own beans to ensure fresh coffee drink, let’s just assume that one day your coffee machine retires from service and you need to buy and store some coffee beans, instead.

How do you make sure that you can still enjoy fresh coffee experience?

Store your coffee in an airtight container.

Secure an airtight container to help you keep the air out. Choose a container type (either ceramic or plastic) with safe tight lock, especially designed for coffee storage. Avoid choosing a glass container as light is one of the deteriorating factors of coffee.

Keep your coffee away from too much hot surface.

Then, place the container in dry and dark place, an area with far proximity from direct sunlight or heat. Of course, not near the window or stove as too much heat will increase the breakdown of coffee flavors.

As coffee is better stored in a cool place, don’t think of placing it inside the fridge or freezer. You can put in inside cupboards or kitchen cabinets.

Buy enough coffee for a week or two.

When buying coffee, choose valve-sealed coffee bags because it can preserve freshness and store roasted beans without aging, compared to other types of packaging. Coffee beans release carbon dioxide after a week of roasting so with sealed bags, you can restore the aroma of coffee even after the degassing process has begun.

Coffee loses its freshness instantly after roasting hence, it is better if you purchase enough coffee amount to consume and store the rest for next week or so.

Keep dry coffee grounds.

Coffee flavors will automatically lose its magical taste if you store coffee grounds wet. Also, there is a huge tendency of fungus buildup that risks you of food poisoning because of the moisture that wet grounds create.

For safer and tastier coffee drink, store dry coffee grounds instead so that you are assured that your coffee is fresh and refined even after few days inside the storage container.

Keep your coffee away from refrigerators or freezers.

Despite the fact that you can store coffee inside the fridge, consistently getting the coffee container anytime you want to brew a cup and then returning it after will ward-off the coffee aroma and will otherwise gain the flavor of your freezer.

Contrary to popular belief that you can store your coffee in the fridge, this constant change of temperature will result to moist and eventually lose natural coffee flavor.

Storing coffee will be best in a cool place but putting it on the fridge will cause the deterioration of authentic and natural flavors and an adaptation of external factors that will ruin the quality of your coffee.

Air, heat, light and moisture are the deteriorating factors that affect coffee’s flavor once improperly stored.