Every bag of coffee beans houses a unique blend of that bitter brew. Each bean, though created and crafted from the same tree and factory, possesses a taste all on its own. An attribute that is embodied in the coffee lover’s famous commandment indicates that no two cups of coffee are ever alike.


Important Things to Consider when Buying Good Quality Coffee


Several coffee brewing methods are known to create a distinct aroma and taste that is a result of different applications in each brewing method. With this, a variation of flavors and concoctions have emerged to satisfy even the most reluctant coffee drinker.

It does not come as a surprise that this once humble trade had become a multi-billion dollar industry with a strong following of coffee lovers around the world. With many coffee shops and brands that form part of this empire, it makes one wonder just how tasty a real good cup of coffee is.

To spot a good brew amidst the commercialised cluster, here are important features of what good quality coffee is all about.


The Nose definitely Knows

One of the most important features that indicate the quality of a good cup of coffee is the aroma. Different beans and brewing methods result in a variety of scents. These scents can vary from the strong spicy notes to the subtle floral ones. Coffee experts suggest that taking a whiff of your cup of coffee will help drinkers discover not only if it’s fresh or not but also it if is made from quality beans.

If you find that your coffee takes an onion-like or slightly burnt aroma, you might think twice on taking a sip. You might find yourself drinking more than a day-old coffee or worse. To get the best of a good cup of coffee, it is best to have it brewed fresh. Remember that there are coffee variants that can taste good without being reheated but you seldom find these and they can be tricky to make.


The Taste Test

Depending on the variation and the brewing method, coffee is generally described to have a full-bodied taste. A true full-bodied coffee is described to possess a good quality balance of sweetness and acidity that comes from organic acids, as well as a delightful mouthfeel that does not come off as bitter or flat.

A salty tasting coffee is considered to be a red flag and can indicate manufacturing defects. It is also important to note that the coffee’s texture is essentially full-bodied and never watery.


The Amount of Caffeine

Part of what makes coffee a delectable bitter brew is because of caffeine. Caffeine content varies from one brew to another. And contrary to popular belief, dark-roasted coffee contains less caffeine than  light-roasted ones. The amount of caffeine is roasted off during the roasting process. Personal preference is often the major indicator for which cup of coffee best fits a person’s taste.


The Quality Roast

The roasting process is what determines the type of coffee that will be produced. It extracts the important compounds that contributes to coffee’s general characteristics. This is also a crucial process which dictates coffee’s overall quality. Although personal preference is always considered, if you detect  a burnt quality in your cup of coffee, it’s time to check your brew.

Also, keep in mind that a burnt taste is generally recognised as a bad case of burnt coffee.


Pick Your Taste

With these top tips, it is important to note that a good cup of coffee will always depend on one’s personal choice. Coffee offers one of the most varied flavors and kinds among all beverages. Enjoying a cup of coffee is a deep and personal experience – one that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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