One of the leading causes that destroys the coffee’s freshness and contributes to its rancidness is a dirty coffee machine. This is often the most overlooked cause as to why a cup of coffee tastes rancid and smells foul.  As a result, most coffee drinkers are unaware that another simple remedy to fixing a bad cup of coffee is by cleaning the coffee machine.

Cleaning your coffee machine

Coffee releases oil and other substances once they are exposed to a certain brewing method. These substances finds their way in hard-to-reach areas of the coffee machine. Over time, these substances can get spoiled and get easily mixed in with the new batch of fresh coffee that comes in.

Cleaning your coffee machine is very simple and can take only a few minutes of your time. The simple steps below will help you on how to properly rinse excess coffee in time for that upcoming cup of coffee.

Start with a simple solution.

Start the process by emptying the entire machine from leftover coffee by initially rinsing it with water. Next is to create a solution that will help remove the leftover coffee substance that cannot be removed by water alone. Although there are several cleaning solutions for such a task, a simple solution of water and vinegar will do. It delivers a more potent cleansing effect on the machine.

The solution helps to dissolve the remaining substances, such as the oil, by breaking down the compounds. This can be done by filling the chamber to its full capacity and mixing in equal parts of vinegar and water.

Let the solution set in.

Once the machine has been filled with the solution, run a half brew and shut it down. Let the solution set for about an hour as this will aid in efficiently removing leftover compounds. This will also reach specific areas that need careful attention.

Discard and rinse the parts.

Remove the solution and pour in fresh water without the vinegar. Let the coffee machine run a full cycle before removing it. Repeat the same process twice and let the coffee machine cool. Rinse both the carafe and the filter basket in hot, soapy water.  Give the parts one last good rinse before assembling the machine.

Dry and assemble the parts.

Wipe each part with a clean rag or a cloth. Ensure that each part of the machine is thoroughly dry before assembling it back together. Recheck the machine in case there are missing parts.

Maintain the cleaning habit.

Due to our fast-paced lifestyle, we often find ourselves out of time in doing simple chores. These chores, though small, can contribute to the food’s overall taste. In fact, maintaining this simple cleaning habit will also save us from contracting any food-borne disease. Keep in mind that this is more than just grabbing a fresh cup of joe every morning, it is also about maintaining food safety which keeps us from harm.

Start the habit right now.