Grinding coffee beans is an integral part in gauging the coffee’s real taste. The final overall look and taste of the coffee is dependent upon how the coffee beans were ground to a specific consistency. The manner on how coffee has been ground determines how it is able to absorb the amount of temperature which will adversely affect the final result of the brew.

The Deal About Grinding Coffee Beans  Burr Mill versus Blade Grinder


Although there are several coffee brands that are packing readily ground coffee beans, it pays to learn how to grind these precious beans into the right consistency to suit your coffee brewing needs. Coffee drinkers have the option of visiting a local coffee shop or roaster to have their beans ground.

However, investing in a good coffee grinding machine does wonders when preparing your own cup of coffee. The most widely used coffee grinding machines are the burr mill and the blade grinder. Each coffee grinding equipment has their individual pros and cons that fits every coffee drinker’s needs.

Before you head off to the nearest department store to purchase one, get to know more about the nitty gritty of each and determine which one is your perfect coffee soul mate.


Burr Mill and the Blade Grinder

Coffee drinkers are familiar with these two things. What makes them unique from each other is the type of blades and the manner in which they grind the coffee beans. Burr mills or burr grinders are so named due to the two burred plates where the grinding takes place.

The burr grinder comes in two types: flat and conical. This grinder works when the other blade is revolving and the other is stationary. The blade grinder is made with a propeller shaped blade that chops coffee beans effectively. Both grinders are widely recognized for their flexibility and functionality. However, each has their own unique qualities that fit every coffee drinker’s needs.


Grinding Power

Blade grinders work by chopping coffee beans in high speeds. This cost effective and easy to use coffee grinder is great for coffee drinkers who are on a budget. The fineness of the grind is determined by how long the coffee beans are exposed to the blade. The longer the beans are exposed, the finer it becomes.

Burr mills or burr grinders are the exact opposite of of blade grinders and carries more cost. Unlike blade grinders, burr grinders give owners the option to grind coffee according to their desired consistency. They are known to grind beans in a uniform size which makes it excellent when you wish to make a cup of fresh espresso.


Quality of the Grinds

Both grinders are capable of delivering its own brand of signature blend. Blade grinders are known to produce an uneven particle size in the grind. The blade grinder’s propeller shaped blade are described to slice coffee beans into the desired grind with its two rotating blades. It is also often described to heat coffee grinds due to the intense friction caused by the grinding. Consistency is a problem for people who utilise this particular coffee grinder due to the uneven sizes it creates.

Burr mills produce quite the opposite of what blade grinders do. These grinders have two identical and parallel rings that are serrated on the side that face one another. These grinders have one stationary blade and a mobile one. What is most appreciated about this particular grinder is the fact that it produces one of the finest coffee grinds in the world. Often recommended by avid coffee drinkers, burr mills are highly regarded as the best coffee grinding machine when one is planning to conjure up a nice cup of joe.


Taste Test

The taste test varies from person to person, but coffee drinkers have summed up a general idea of what each coffee grinding machine is able to produce. Coffee grounds that is produced by blade grinders are reported to be varied depending on the kind of grind that was produced. Coffee made from beans ground by blade grinders are described to lack the full bodied taste and aroma, the coffee’s signature trait. Coffee drinkers attribute this particular effect to the way blade grinders “chop” instead of appropriately grind coffee beans. The heat that results from overexposing the coffee beans in the grinding process affects the coffee’s delicate taste and aroma.

Coffee brewed from burr grinders are ground to a fine consistency and can produce almost any type of brewed coffee. Avid drinkers of the bitter brew highly recommend using burr grinders for grinding coffee beans. Its ability to grind coffee into a fine consistency makes an excellent cup of coffee.


The Verdict

Choosing the “perfect” or the “right” coffee grinder is all up to you.

Asking the valuable opinion of coffee lovers will give you the best recommendations on what to buy. Each coffee grinder is able to produce some of the world’s best coffee. Blade grinders are the easier to operate and cheaper of the two. This grinder is excellent for coffee drinkers who want to try their hand at grinding their own coffee beans at home. From drip coffee to turkish coffee, the blade grinder makes an excellent coffee grinder to have at home. It is also a versatile tool as most users would grind their spices using this grinder as well.

One will find that most people would recommend this particular coffee grinding equipment. It does not come as a surprise that the burr mill’s ability to produce a consistent grind is highly revered among coffee connoisseurs. It is more expensive than blade grinders and might require more space in your home.

Whether it’s the blade grinder or the burr mill, each blade is able to deliver a good cup of coffee. Weigh your options very well on what you really want to use. Getting a coffee grinder is simply the first step to making your very own homemade brew.