Have you ever tried coffee plus salt? Or coffee and ginger? Sounds weird, does it?


Whether to jump-start your day or to keep you awake from a midday drowse, a cup of joe is like a knight in a shining mug.


Yet, if you are tired of the plain black coffee sensation, try switching to some tasteful coffee concoctions for an additional satisfying zest to your beloved energy-booster drink.




Here are top choices of coffee add-ins you can try for an improved and equally healthy beverage:


Egg yolk coffee.


Although this might not be your first thought to mix in your coffee, this combination is surprisingly awesome. It is actually a tradition in Scandinavia, a country in Northern Europe, where they mix raw eggs to coffee grounds and make a clear, shining, sediment-free coffee drink out of it.

Coffee a la mode.


If you are craving for a Starbucks frappuccino yet torn between purchasing and saving, you can’t go wrong in adding a soft delightful ice cream to your coffee instead. Certainly, ice cream will turn your bitter coffee into a sweet cup, shaping your dozing day into a sweetened one.


Butter-better coffee.


This may not be surprising anymore but for those who are still reluctant to try, now is the perfect time to make one. Did you know that adding butter to your coffee has healthy benefits such as keeping your digestive system moving and maximizing your anti-oxidants?


Also if you are trying to lose weight, in lieu of breakfast, you can try this concoction and let the combination burn your body fats. You see, this can be amazingly weird.


Gingerly yours, coffee.


In merging the power of ginger and coffee, superb things can happen. From strong antioxidant potentials, nutritionally-dense substance, cancer-fighting power, healthy cholesterol promotion, to diabetes and liver protection, ginger is basically capable of doing all of these.


Researches show that the combination of two promotes a robust cup plus a fantastic taste!


Coffee in vanilla flavor.


Vanilla is famous as an ice cream flavor but now, you can also add this to your favorite cup of caffeine. Aside from its sweet taste, did you know that additional vanilla has vigorous perks, too? You read that right. Vanilla can reduce joint pain and relieve stress. Besides, it also advances your mental performance mood.


Absolutely, vanilla is not just for your beloved ice cream. Vanilla and coffee can make a great team, too.

No sugar, with salt please.


This may sound off-beat, but yes some people are adding salt to their coffee. If you still prefer the pure black one instead of concocting your coffee with any add-ins, a pinch of salt will neutralize the bitterness and enhance the coffee flavor, somehow.


The science behind it reveals production of ions which in a way or another, boosts mental functions. This is really weird but coffee has more healthy benefits if you skip the cream and sugar, and add salt instead.