Alternative Coffee Brewing

Besides beer, coffee is another popular drink that is made from the brewing process. Little is known about how coffee was first brewed but historical accounts from the 15th century suggest that coffee was brewed similarly the way we do today.

What Are The Most Common Coffee Brewing Methods

The earliest model of a coffeemaker consisted of a pot with a flat, expanded bottom to catch the sinking grounds and a sharp pout that traps grounds when the coffee is poured. Today, modern coffeemaker comes in several unique designs and caters to both hot and cold-brewed coffee.

Find out more about the common ways that we brew our coffee today.


Everyone’s favourite espresso is made by placing pressure on hot water through a layer of compacted ground coffee. This particular reason is why espresso is a highly concentrated brew. It is widely recognized for the foamy layer on top.

French Press

Commonly known as the press pot, this method uses a beaker and a plunger or a filter. Hot water is poured over the coffee grinds where it is steeped for a few minutes. The plunger or the filter is firmly pressed down to separate the grinds. The result is a medium-bodied cup of coffee.

Cold Brew

The cold brew is one brewing method that has gained quite an audience. The method involves steeping the coffee grinds for 12 to 36 hours. The resulting brew is then strained and served. Cold-brewed coffee is highly recommended for people with an upset stomach.

Drip Coffee

A popular method in North America, dripping coffee involves pouring hot water over ground coffee beans. The brew is strained with a paper filter or other alternatives like a metal or plastic mesh which results in a clean and clear cup of coffee.

Vacuum Coffee Brewing

The vac pot consists of two chambers: the pot and the bowl that sits just on top of the pot. Coffee is prepared by placing the grounds in the upper bowl while the water is stashed in the pot.

Once the water is heated, the water is forced up into the upper chamber. When it cools down, the coffee will be pulled down into the pot which is ready to be served. With vacuum coffee brewing, the coffee retains its mild aroma. This is perfect for the African and Central American blends.

Turkish Coffee

Contrary to popular belief, Turkish coffee is not a type of coffee but rather a brewing method. This is one of the few brewing methods that infuse finely ground coffee with nearly boiling water.  What makes this method “Turkish” is the fact it uses the finest ground coffee available. And the coffee produced is known for its full-bodied taste.

Moka Pot

Steam pressure is used in brewing coffee using the Moka pot. The pressure pushes the water through the coffee grinds. Like espresso, the coffee made through the Moka pot is bold yet lacks the crema. It is considered as a popular alternative to espresso.


Like the Moka pot, the Aeropress is a method that requires a few minutes of steeping which is then followed by the pushing of the brew through the coffee grounds. The end result of this method is coffee that strongly resembles the espresso.

Yet whatever brewing method is used, coffee makers suggest that a good bag of the finest coffee beans completes the formula to having the best coffee in the world. Try one of our barista courses to get a hands-on experience on brewing your cup of joe.