Once a coffee lover, always a coffee lover anytime, anywhere. Cappuccino, Espresso, Macchiato – name it.

A coffee enthusiast will always have a favorite coffee shop to stay with and read a good book for a late Saturday afternoon chill. Or, prefers his own brewing and storing methods and chooses his own type of coffee beans.

And while on travel, he hunts for the best coffee shop to complete his itinerary. To help coffee lovers find the best cup of Joe aroma, here’s a list of the best coffee cities in the world for a comprehensive idea on what country to go next.


Coffee in Melbourne, Australia.


Coffee shops in Australia reflect the country’s creative and zestful culture. Australians take coffee seriously, not only as a conventional fuel for a drowsy day but a great motivation in their lifestyle. As opposed to the popular culture of coffee as a companion in finishing paper works, Australians drink coffee as a way to unwind and relax with some colleagues. Coffee scenarios in Melbourne are not the typical silent crowd with laptops and busy hands tapping the keyboard but rather, a room full of chit-chatting people with occasional sound of genuine laughter.


Coffee in Reykjavik, Iceland.


You might be a little surprised, but Iceland homes the best coffee shops, too. Over time, the country has developed good coffee chains that eventually draw the attention of local customers and even foreigners. Without so much competition from big coffee chains in the city, Iceland coffee shops guarantee to serve high-quality coffee to everybody.


Coffee in Rome, Italy.


There’s no denying it, Italy is known for its mouth-watering delicacies. Similarly, Italians serve perfect coffee quality that satisfies customers from all around the world. As the country origin of coffee culture, Italy cannot tolerate half-baked coffee quality. A huge part of Italians’ tradition is coffee and without it the country is quite, unthinkable.


Coffee in Seattle, Washington, USA.


Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks and has the most exquisite coffee shops in the world. Roaming around the city, you won’t surely run out of choices for an awesome coffee experiment. Americans are the largest coffee-consuming population with coffee shop environment that looks really inviting and accommodating. Apparently, coffee chain competition in America is quite prominent but nonetheless, Seattle is the premier city that serves superlative quality of coffee that fuels the population of America.


Coffee in Istanbul, Turkey.


Turkey has a unique coffee culture, with compelling popularity in traditional coffee houses and perhaps one of the few remaining countries with no Starbucks outlet. Turkish preserve their culture and tradition carefully that’s why they enjoy coffee more than they need it as a basic necessity.


In fact, it is part of their pre-wedding tradition where a bride-to-be puts salt on the coffee of the groom-to-be and see how he reacts with this. If he shows his disapproval, he is not deserving to marry the girl. But if otherwise, it means he is a patient man who will stick to the marriage against all odds. How interesting is that?


Coffee in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Coffee chains in Thailand is rising excitingly nowadays. Coffee is everywhere from large coffee chains to small coffee stands in the street or nearby gasoline stations. As a growing coffee society, Thai barristers are still on the process of mastering the skills in brewing special coffee to match the taste of prominent coffees all around the world. However, there are selected shops that can brew perfect and wonderful cup that a coffee-lover can only find in Thailand.

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