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Cold Drip coffee is sure to impress your friends or customers and improve your knowledge of coffee.

The idea behind the cold and slow brewing method is to experience the coffee flavors without the astringency, tannins and bitterness that you usually get from a pressurized hot brew (such as espresso), while still extracting the chocolate, citrus and fruity notes.

These sleek coffee brewers use the classic cold-drip method to produce a full-flavored cold drip coffee. The coffee bonds differently in the chemical reaction between cold and hot water and these tools will make you discover the different aspects of the coffee flavors that you could not pick through hot water brews. Store your extraction in the fridge and drink neat in a cold glass or over ice, perfect for this summer.

This particular model is our most popular, and comes in three colours to suit your needs. The Cold Drip comes complete with everything you need to start brewing delicious coffee included in the box!

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