Rum-Infused Coffee – Columbia Supremo Beans 250g


1x 250g Rum-Infused Coffee Beans (Columbia Supremo Single Origin)
Rum flavour infusion by aging in 30-year-old oak rum barrels. Infused coffee beans contain trace amounts of alcohol (too little to be measured).

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Savor that Caribbean flavor with our new, limited release Rum Infused Coffee – a winning combination of a Colombian Single Origin beans and rum, for a remarkable taste.

This limited edition coffee was aged in 30-year-old oak rum barrels to create a taste you will fall in love with in your first sip. Sugar cane sweetness of rum and chocolate notes are extracted through the aging process, which gives a delicate aroma.

Infused with a woody and clean character of rum, this coffee is an absolute winner for that delightful sip that helps to kick-start the day.


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