Experience the world IN every cup


Creamy body of rich dark chocolate, sweet black berries with floral notes and a winey acidity. Tanzania will bring you the experience of drinking a juicy fruity cocktail.


Almost a journey back to the very origin of coffee, the flavours are sweet, exotic and exciting. An amazing complex, full of wine, chocolate, blueberry notes. Pure, clean flavours – coffee pedigree in a cup.


Located in Rwanda’s Western Region this elegant coffee is bursting with complexity and sweetness. It captures the sweet currants, red cherries and milk chocolate perfectly.


This is a lovely coffee, dark chocolate, fresh walnuts, lollipop like sweetness, juicy with pear and green apple fruitiness. Lovely balance of acidity and smooth.


This is a truly exceptional coffee from the El Penon. Sweet coffee fruit, pineapple, fresh cocoa, blueberry and a candy like overall sweetness.

Kenya Lena

Lena AB as a single origin is perfect with its unique complexities of fruits, citrus, plus a balanced wine-like finish, more noted toward dark currant fruit.

Ethiopia Kochere

Kochere is known for its bright acidity, light lemony aromatics, clean profile, floral notes and complex aromas. This is one of the most flavourful, intense, delicious Ethiopian beans available.


This coffee will surprise you with its intense floral aroma. Sweet berries like, chocolate and a nice syrupy body.

Ethiopia Guji Hambela

Ethiopia Guji Hambela coffees capture complex floral notes, sweet lemon and fruitful blackcurrant.


The Huila region is known for coffees with floral aromatics, very complex and multidimensional cups, bright and juicy acidity, solid body, balanced with a clear, refined, sweet and delicate aftertaste.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s best coffee hails from Naranjo – the winner of the 2016 Cup of Excellence delivers a perfect combination of smooth coffee with hints of milk chocolate, juicy grape and peach with subtle hints of roasted almonds.
Our single origin is like super amazing seriously