5 Blend Intro Pack


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Mastro. Florito. Jackson. Jay5. Lotus. Each of our famous signature blends in one pack.

Mastro: Salted caramel, Light toffee, Milk chocolate. A distinctive blend of 100% prized Arabica beans from Central & South America. Low acididity, round and rich full bodied flavour.
Jackson: Liquored caramel, Resonating floral, Rich chocolate. Sweet, aromatic and perfectly balanced with a long fine finish. Heavily liquored with caramel overtones, chocolate richness enveloped in a full resonating body with a floral aroma.
Jay5: Dark chocolate, Pitted fruits, Subtle honey. A sparking, satisfying coffee with depth and dimension, Jackson 5 is a five origin blend. Incorporating an aged bean, producing a real mouthful of body and a full lively cup, aromatic and perfectly balanced.
Florito: Rich cocoa, Thick body, Exotic floral. Pleasant lively character: round bodied, its aroma has exotic flower notes from Guatemala and Costa Rica with hand-cultivated, high-quality washed Estate Robusta. This blend is typically strong, round and full bodied leaving an excellent, sweet and intense after taste.
Lotus: Sweet caramel, Floral citrus, Rich chocolate. A unique, elegant, complex combination of sweet and rich flavours.


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