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Our six bespoke blends integrate complex, vibrant, distinct flavours, while our single origin beans stand out, not blend in. Our beans provide flavour profiles that suit any palette.

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Single Origin Coffee.

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Australian Ground Coffee Suppliers


A journey back to the very origin of coffee. Sweet, exotic, and exciting flavours. Amazingly complex, full of wine, chocolate, blueberry notes. Pure and clean – coffee pedigree in a cup.


Located in Rwanda’s Western Region this elegant coffee is bursting with complexity and sweetness. It captures the sweet currants, red cherries and milk chocolate perfectly.


This is a lovely coffee, dark chocolate, fresh walnuts, lollipop like sweetness, juicy with pear and green apple fruitiness. Lovely balance of acidity and smooth.


This is a truly exceptional coffee from the El Penon. Sweet coffee fruit, pineapple, fresh cocoa, blueberry and a candy like overall sweetness.

Kenya Lena

Lena AB as a single origin is perfect with its unique complexities of fruits, citrus, plus a balanced wine-like finish, more noted toward dark currant fruit.

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