Our signature blends will shine brightly in this piece of classic Italian coffee brewing equipment. Similar in result to an espresso, Moka pots are great for brewing a strong, full-bodied coffee. And as a plus, they're also easy to use!

  1. Preparation: Begin with medium/finely ground Adore Coffee, aiming for a texture that sits between espresso and a pour-over grind. As a rule of thumb, for every 10 parts water in the chamber, add 1 part coffee. This 1:10 ratio ensures a balanced extraction.
  2. Water Ready: Boil your water separately in a kettle. Once boiled, pour it into the Moka Pot's bottom chamber. This pre-heating trick ensures your water starts around 90°C - the ideal brewing temperature, eliminating the need for prolonged stovetop heating.

  3. Heat and Brew: Set your Moka Pot on a medium or lower flame on your gas or induction stove. Patience is key here. As the coffee starts to extract, you'll want to ensure a gentle, consistent heat to avoid over-extraction.

  4. Watch for the Finish: As the coffee rises into the top chamber, you'll notice a change when it's near the end of extraction. The moment it starts to sputter and bubble is your cue. Swiftly remove the Moka Pot from the stove and run the base under cold water. This rapid cooling, much like blanching in culinary arts, halts the extraction, preserving the coffee's delicate balance.

  5. Savour the Moment: Your Moka Pot coffee is now ready. Enjoy it pure for a concentrated taste, dilute with water for a milder brew, or add steamed milk for a creamy treat. The richness and depth this method provides are simply unparalleled.

Happy brewing!

2 thoughts on “Moka Pot

  1. Elizabeth Gubbins says:

    Hi there.
    I use this method of coffee brewing. How do I order your coffee beans to be ground medium/fine? Only offers espresso and plunger.
    As soon as I find out, will purchase.
    thank you

    1. receptionPC says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      We do not have a specific ground made for Moka Pot, however, we would recommend using the espresso grind for the best results. The grind works great for Moka Pot as it is finer compared to the plunger grind.

      Thank you,
      Adore Team

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