PNG Eastern Highlands

Sourced from a picturesque area of the Eastern Highlands, the Okapa area in Papua New Guinea plays host to broad valleys and high mountains. The lush rainforest environment pairs high rainfall and rich volcanic soils resulting in ideal growing conditions for coffee.

Vibrant notes of orange zest forms a lively introduction beautifully balanced with the sweet warmth of caramel popcorn, creating a delightful contrast on the palate that culminates in the gentle, succulent sweetness of apricots. Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Highlands single origin coffee is a celebration of diversity, a cup with depth and complexity that’s as intriguing as it is satisfying.

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Brazil Cascavel Vermelha

Named for the rattlesnakes that protects the coffee fields from pests such as rodents, Brazil Cascavel Vermelha is a single origin gem from the country that produces more than a third of the world’s coffee supply.

Indulge in the comforting and familiar notes of milk chocolate, the low-acidity sweet and luxuriously smooth taste a hallmark of Brazilian coffee. This seamlessly blends into the rich, buttery flavours and nutty tones reminiscent of pecan pie, enhanced by subtle notes of Pink Lady adding a crisp and refreshing dimension to the overall profile.

Brazil Cascavel Vermelha is a perfect symphony of comforting and familiar yet intriguingly sophisticated flavors. The next time you see a rattlesnake, give them thanks for helping Brazil’s farmers craft this masterpiece.

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Costa Rica Hacienda Pilas

Nestled in the serene region of San Jeronimo De Naranjo, this exquisite coffee captures rich coffee tradition of Costa Rica and the dedication and attention to detail of the Hacienda Pilas estate. Hacienda Pilas is located in the Costa Rica’s West Valley in the Naranjo area known for known for its rich volcanic soil and high-quality coffee, helped its climate and distinct dry and wet seasons.

The unique tasting notes of rhubarb offer a tart yet sweet complexity, harmoniously blending with the rich, caramel-like sweetness of panela and elevated by a subtle hint of lemon myrtle cookie, adding a zesty, aromatic twist that makes each sip a memorable experience. This coffee, with its intricate balance of flavors, embodies the beauty and diversity of Costa Rican coffee.

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Tanzania Kilimanjaro

Bask in the lush heritage of Tanzania with our Kilimanjaro Single Origin. Hailing from the fertile slopes of the highest free-standing mountain in the world, this is a coffee cultivated with decades of passion and care, the unique microclimate of ideal altitudes, stable temperatures, and mineral-rich volanic soils bringing forth this coffee’s exotic characteristics.

Every cup offers a journey through its layered notes of carrot cake, star fruit, and nectarine, leading to an aroma and taste that are both pleasantly intense and harmoniously balanced. The shade-grown coffee (or shadow coffee) cultivation method allows coffee cherries to ripen slowly, fostering a richer development of sugars. The result is a coffee that is full-bodied, aromatic, and a true representation of Tanzanian coffee heritage.

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Peru Organic

Dive into the lush landscapes of Peru with every sip of our Peru Organic single origin coffee. Sourced exclusively from the Arabica beans, this coffee not only brings to your cup the unique flavors of the Junin region but also tells a tale of resilience and adaptability. Peruvian farmers have shown remarkable innovation against the challenges of climate change, embracing organic agriculture as an environmental shield and securing Peru’s spot as the top global producer of organic coffee.

Our offering celebrates this spirit and determination. Relish smooth and silky undertones punctuated by dark cocoa and papaya, with a bright finish that teases with hints of citrus.

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Kenya Kirinyaga

Sourced from the picturesque region of Kirinyaga, this exceptional coffee delivers a taste that is sure to captivate your senses. The distinct sweetness of the dried plum harmonizes perfectly with the refreshing notes of red apple and the tangy essence of pomegranate, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate.

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