Quick, easy, convenient, yet able to brew high-quality cups just as amazing as machines with many times the price tag, the AeroPress has recently gained a very strong following. The AeroPress is very forgiving and versatile with a lot of room for experimentation - here's two easy brewing methods to get you started:

Standard Method

For a robust, well-rounded, clean brew that the AeroPress is known for.

  1. Double Up the Filter: Begin by placing two paper filters in your AeroPress cap. The added resistance from the double filters enhances our extraction.
  2. Initiate the Brew: Deposit 15g of your chosen medium/fine Adore Coffee grounds into the chamber. Pour in 225g of boiling water, stirring gently to ensure every ground is adequately wetted.
  3. Create the Seal: To prevent any water leakage, introduce the plunger about 1-2cm into the chamber's top, crafting a neat vacuum.
  4. Patience Pays: Wait for 2 minutes, allowing the magic to happen. Then, gently and steadily plunge until you detect the sound of air hissing out. A word of caution: don't press further to avoid over-extraction and those unwelcome bitter tones.
  5. Sip and Savour: Once your coffee reaches a palatable temperature, relish every sip. Remember to give your AeroPress a quick cleanup afterwards.

Espresso-like/Bypass Method

For a more concentrated brew mimicking an espresso.

  1. Filter Setup: As above, position two paper filters into your AeroPress filter cap to increase resistance and enhance our extraction.
  2. Brew Beginnings: Introduce 25g of finely ground Adore Coffee to the chamber, followed by 90-100g of boiling water. Stir with passion, making sure every ground is submerged and ready for extraction.
  3. Secure the Brew: If you're without a pressure attachment, insert the plunger just 1-2cm into the chamber's top to form a protective vacuum. If you've got the pressure attachment, you can comfortably skip this step.
  4. Espresso Elation: After a 1-minute-30-second wait, give the plunger a vigorous press. This forceful action helps generate that inviting crema on top of your shot.
  5. Final Flair: Adjust with water to match your strength preference or add milk (or its alternatives) to create that cafe vibe right in the comfort of your home.

Step into a new frontier in coffee brewing with the AeroPress.

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